ApHC News and other Notes

ApHC election ballot deadline is Friday the 8th;

Museum Note
The Appaloosa Museum is a hopping place lately. They are one month into their annual horse raffle, there are horses to care for in the pasture, they are hosting their first traveling exhibit “For Want of a Horseshoe”, this Saturday from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. they will present Appaloosa Fest 2007 (this year’s theme is “Rodeo”), and the first of the summer visitors have started to trickle in. And if all this weren’t enough, they are preparing to attend the National Appaloosa Show from July 1-5.

Horse Slaughter Ban Stayed
Horse slaughter has a reprieve. A story from says a court ruling Friday temporarily blocked enforcement of a new Illinois law that would have ended operations at the last horse slaughter plant in the U.S. Cavel International in DeKalb, Illinois, was effectively closed by Governor Rod Blagojevich’s recent signing of an Illinois state law making it illegal to slaughter horses for human consumption. Cavel’s owners filed suit to block the law. Judge Frederick Kapala issued the restraining order at least until the next hearing, which is scheduled for June 14.

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