Book Release: The Legendary Appaloosa

LegendaryAnnouncing the release of a new book titled, “The Legendary Appaloosa,” by Cheryl Dudley, and published by Lyons Press.

“The Legendary Appaloosa” holds something for everyone, from the trail rider to the cutter; reiner to racer; rancher to rodeo fan; from breeder to exhibitor to historian to therapeutic rider—to just plain Appaloosa lover. Aside from the breed’s distinctively unique color patterns, that all-around ability is what makes the Appaloosa such an incredible subject for this new book.

“The Legendary Appaloosa” has over 160 full-color photos of some of the breed’s most fascinating horses, including one full chapter dedicated to foals. You’ll read some heart-warming stories written by Appaloosa owners, and learn about the origins of the horse, whose name derived from the Palouse country in north Idaho, home of the Appaloosa’s international registry. You’ll learn about showing, breeding, and trail riding, and the reason why people who own Appaloosas feel so passionately about the breed. The book will be available in June at all major bookstores and through the Appaloosa Horse Club.

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