Memorial Weekend

We wish you safe travels during this busy weekend on the highways. Whether you’re planning to enjoy horse shows, trail rides, a day at the races or a break in the action, it is also our sincere hope that you’ll pause for just a while. Give a moment of reflection and a huge dose of gratitude for all who have served and are serving in the nation’s military. It is especially important to offer a salute to those who gave their lives so that we might survive and thrive.

It’s been a somber day of reflection and remembrance here in Moscow, Idaho. A memorial service for a local police officer killed last weekend was the focus of our town. Like so many who work every day to preserve the peace, he placed himself on the front line of danger and faced true peril so that the rest of us wouldn’t. Hopefully, we can come up with a bit more than a word of thanks. Perhaps we can summon the energy to do just a few simple things to make the world a safer, saner and more civilized place to be.

Be well and do good.

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