Texas Horse Slaughter Plants Stay Shut

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Two of the nation’s three horse slaughter plants appear likely to remain closed after they were apparently denied reprieve by the state Legislature, then turned away by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Texas House let a deadline of midnight Monday pass without action on a bill that had been expected to authorize the reopening of Dallas Crown Inc. in Kaufman and Beltex Corp. in Fort Worth, the Houston Chronicle reported.
In a second blow later Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied hearing the plants’ petition to overturn a federal appeals court ruling that effectively shut down the plants this year.

“We’re very disappointed but not surprised,” said Karin Cagle, a Fort Worth attorney who represents the plants’ Belgian owners.

The other U.S. horse slaughter plant is the Cavel International plant in DeKalb, Ill. A ban on horse slaughter in that state was sent to Gov. Rod Blagojevich last week, and his spokesman has said Blagojevich will likely sign it.

American horse meat is sold mostly in France, Belgium and Japan, where it is considered a delicacy.


  1. Mariah Said,

    May 24, 2007 @ 1:13 pm

    Even though I think slaughter of horses is a horrid thing it is neccessary to many many horse owners. Should equine slaughter be outlawed in the USA what becomes of all our beloved equines that have passed away or what about the owners who cannot afford an alternative method of disposal for a severely injured or ill animal? Things to ponder…It is illegal to bury livestock on your property in most states…Most horse owners live on smaller acreage in this day and age…How many horses will now be dumped into the wilderness dead or left to die? Remember that even the horrific act of equine slaughter has it’s place in society.

  2. Ginger Said,

    June 3, 2007 @ 7:34 am

    I also am not a fan of horse slaughter, but I also agree it has a place in our society. It is a place for old, debilitated, injured, unuseable horses to go. Also there are some horses that are just not safe for people to have or use and it is the only place for such dangerous horses

  3. Claire Said,

    June 17, 2007 @ 4:14 pm


    As you say in your post, “things to ponder” indeeed….the meat packers are trying to scare Americans into supporting them.
    Don’t fall for it.

    In the scenario you describe, the horses do getburied. If you are injured or sick, I hope your family will take care of you. I hope they do not just dump you somewhere. That would be very unkind and irresponsible, after you have given them a life of love & devotion, don’t you think?

    Many injuries and illnesses are, in fact, quite manageable with a little time, effort and interest on the part of the owner.

    Horse killing has no place in society. It is, in fact, illegal in American society.
    This has been upheld in every court.

    While it may not be legal to bury a horse in everyone’s yard, that is OK. It IS legal to bury a horse in every state in this country.
    We do not kill them, we do not eat them, but when they die, it is OK to bury them. That’s because we respect them as pets and friends.
    You can talk with your trainer and/or vet about this issue.
    I own acreage and have the option to bury horses on my farm, but I choose to bury them in a local area.
    Disposal fees are minimal.
    There is always another solution.
    Dangerous horses are made, not born.
    Horses come into the world trusting everybody.
    The answer to human created behaviour problems is not to kill the horse. That’s extreme.

    If you think it is only the old, debilitated ones that die at slaughterhouses, you have not seen what happens on a killing floor.
    Please understand they are sold by weight. Sick horses are skinny. No money in skinny horses.
    The last horse I rescued from the kill was a mare w/a month old colt at her side.

    Respectfully, there is another answer.

  4. Willie Said,

    June 17, 2007 @ 8:26 pm

    Horse Slaughter does NOT have its “place in society” there are a lot of horses that go to slaughter that shouldnt have because it is more convienent. It is a way for people to justify murder for money. It is wrong and inhumane. I could never subject something I hated to that fate, let alone a friend. Slaughter is not an alternitive for vet care; I have seen many horses recover from “terminal” injuries, most of whom would very quickly have been sent to slaughter. The horses killed in the United States are exported to other countries for consumption…If Belgium enjoys their “delicacy” why dont their murder their own horses, why do we have to do it here?. I promise when horse slaughter was banned in Texas, even if only for a year, my friends and I had a party. There are always other alternatives to killing horses. Slaughter is murder, PERIOD…

  5. Christy Said,

    June 22, 2007 @ 12:24 pm

    Last year as I drove home from my daughters friends house I decided to turn right instead of my always left. I saw down the road not even a mile a Horse that only had a layer of skin left on her poor body. Her bones looked as though they would break through her skin. I called the police and they came. They were told she was old they then drove away NO report no help. Then I called a local Rescue Group knowing they would help again no luck. I went home prayed cried asked God to give me the strenght knowledge and self control to go to there door. I went to the door talked to a man. He said he would give her to me but she belonged to his sister. I gave him my # then waited Praying for God to give her the strength to hang in there. I recieved a call the next day. I hauled but home got the trailer and picked up my daughter. We arrived there to pick the mare up. I had to tie her up in the trailer and drove 5 mph home Praying all the way. As we unloaded her I knew that the chances of her making it were not good at all but I wanted her to know that someone cared for her before she died. I put her in our small pasture and this horse choked on the grass. I called our vet then we put her in a catch pen with no grass only water. My vet said she would not make it but I wanted to give her a chance. He gave me his advice and left. I was told to give her only a very small amount of senior feed moistened and let her eat a little grass starting the next morning. So at 5:30 am I went out opened the gate and over I went as she ran out. I had broken my ankle from the fall. As I lay there crying she came back and stood over me! I at this time thinking she would stomp me but she just stood there for about 30 mins. til my husband came out on his way to work. She heard him ran to him as I screamed for him. He put her back in the pen and away to the hospital we went. I came home on crutches. Went back to the pen and feed her. I feed her several times a day with a couple hours in between. Togather we healed. The vet came out again several times now and everytime amazed at her progress. This was in sept.2007 Now June2007 she is round fat. Happy and my best friend. We have 8 other horses. I have bought horses from the sale barns because they were slaughter bound. They were not all happy endings but before they died they knew they were loved that they mattered to someone! I am thankful for all the horses that have passed through our gates. I do not sale them but give them to a family that loves them as much as I. All have been homes that I visit and have documentation. That will protect them.

    My Lady stood over me even though she could have left me. There was 26 acres of grass for her. She choose to stand over me to protect me because she knew I was hurt. She will forever be my horse and live here with me.

    We owe it to all horses to Protect them be thier voice.
    Just look in there eyes they are the window to there spirit !!

  6. Christy Said,

    June 22, 2007 @ 12:28 pm

    PS Lady is 13 years old!!! Not at all old !!

  7. kt Said,

    November 18, 2007 @ 8:38 pm

    Horse slaughter is necessary. anti horse slaughter people argue that it is the owners responsibility and duty to take care of euthanize, etc. their horse, which in its own right, is true. however, how many actually do this? many horses are neglected, and suffer more than they would should they be slaughtered. their death is just prolonged and drawn out. I have a couple horses and they are my best friends, but i would rather they be slaughtered than die a slow painful death because of neglect, which, i wouldn’t dream of neglecting them, but many people do. think about it

  8. MARIAN Said,

    July 30, 2008 @ 3:10 pm

    Horse slaughter is the ultimate tradegy to this majestic animal however I have personally seen these animals living suffer at the unkind hands of their owners = horrible. Mexico has them now and they are suffering worse than ever. And I have seen truckload after truckload (don’t try to slow one down) the consequences are not worth it. I have been raising horses from colts to adult hood for over 30 years. My present animals are no exception even living outside they are amazingly gorgeous and happy. My 3 year old and 10 year play in the water drink in harmony run together like young foals. Therefore I speak from experience.
    The slaughterhouses in the United States were regulated and sanitary conditions kept in place – In Mexico (manual slaughter and continual beatings of the lame, sick and foals is the thing) Think People please!

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