HorseFlicks, an Award Winning equine TV production company and marketing firm announces the production of a new 13 episode series on the Appaloosa, which will feature 13 individual Appaloosa farms and ranches in North America.

HorseFlicks has produced nearly 100 TV episodes covering a range of horse breeds including The Dutch Friesian, The Morgan Horse, The Gypsy Vanner, The Peruvian Horse, the Paso Fino, The Iberian Horses, Heavy Horses- The Draft Horse in America, and their award winning series on western dude ranches, offering viewers a glimpse of “How the West Was Once.”

HorseFlicks Executive Producer Jon May who filmed the Appaloosa Championship 50 Mile Endurance Ride and the Appaloosa Youth Nationals, slated for release soon, said the impetus for developing a new series on the Appaloosa came from the passion owners show for the Appaloosa.

“Our focus in our equine TV series is to identify breeds that have some very strong attributes and suitability for many activities, and give them exposure to millions of viewers,” said May. “We help owners, breeders, breed associations and others reach well beyond those who already know about a particular breed- creating new interest and new awareness in their breed on a large scale.” The images we captured in the Championship endurace Ride and the Youth Nationals speaks volumes about what a great breed this is. We’d like to help owners and breeders of the Appaloosa reach a national TV audience with their personal stories of involvement.

HorseFlicks episodes currently air on the new HorseTV (link) channel where HorseFlicks productions have 16 slots each week, and are also carried on HorseTV Access and the Gold Buckle Network, an Internet Broadcaster, making episodes available to anyone globally with a high-speed Internet connection.

“Beyond HorseTV, we will market the completed Appaloosa series to The Outdoor Channel, PBS Stations, Discovery Network, HGTV, PAX-TV, RFD and other broadcasters who carry equine-centric programming. Each of our productions captures the unique and personal story of our Client and their breed,” said May. HorseFlicks productions incorporate exceptional production values, and their work has been acknowledged with 16 Awards of Excellence, from five different judging competitions.

HorseFlicks provides its Clients with an exceptional value. There is a small Production Fee to cover travel, filming, editing, professional voice talent and cinematic music licensing, but all services are provided at cost. HorseFlicks generates its revenue from marketing the series to selected broadcasters, so it is able to provide its production services at cost, making it highly affordable for just about anyone to share their story with the Appaloosa breed, with a national and global audience.

Clients may make an unlimited number of copies of their own episode for their own marketing and promotional purposes. All of the TV exposure both near-term and long-term, is free to HorseFlicks clients.

HorseFlicks was created by individuals who came from the broadcast, media and national advertising markets- but they were also all long term horse-people themselves. “We produce exceptional programming because we know what horse people want to show viewers, we know what to capture and how to shoot horses correctly. It makes a huge difference in the end production,” notes Jon.

“The Appaloosa is a breed people are passionate about, it is most certainly one of the most versatile breeds in North America. That’s a powerful message we can help owners and breeders expand upon, to create new awareness of the breed, and new interest as a great family horse, recreational horse, performance and show horse.”

The first two episodes already produced on the Championship 50 Mile Endurance Ride and the Appaloosa Youth Nationals will anchor the new series, so there are only 11 episodes remaining for individual ranches and farms. Those interested in promoting their breed to a national and global audience by being featured as one of the limited episodes being produced for the Appaloosa Series, should contact HorseFlicks for more information.

“We produce only 13 episodes because 13 weeks is a full broadcast season. Broadcasters are eager to fill large blocks of time, and so 13 episodes are created to fill a broadcast season. After we complete the 13 episodes, the series is closed,” said May.

To discover how to share your story with the Appaloosa and be featured as one of the remaining episodes, contact HorseFlicks at 940-594-0000, or e-mail at for more information.


  1. Bob Rowe Said,

    June 25, 2007 @ 5:52 pm

    My wife and I own Geneo JJ the all-time leading Appaloosa sire of race horses. He is standing at stud at Frederiksborg Horse Farm at Yale Oklahoma. His get have won over 3,200,000.00 Refer to Speedhorse Stallion catalog or Appaloosa Journal,Feb. 07 issue, page 93. Thank you, I can be reached at the above e-mail address. Bob Rowe

  2. Steve Said,

    June 25, 2007 @ 6:45 pm

    Thanks for the note. We’ll forward your information to HorseFlicks, but you can also contact them directly.

  3. Teresa Watson Said,

    December 30, 2007 @ 10:33 pm

    I would like to add a different twist to the Appaloosa horse series. We all know most horses can be bred to do a lot of athletic activities and win us lots of money and self pride, but we never see the importance that a simple relationship between a younge child and grandparent share, or the justified love and healing an Appaloosa horse can offer a sad lonely suicidal teenager. The value of having a once in a lifetime true and unforgettable relationship with a beautiful Appaloosa horse is immeasurable. It can give you nothing but the best life changing goals; changes that set your life in a new direction forever. I was once one of those teeagers who would have taken my life if I had not gotten the chance to meet my new life saving best freind rockit. I thought I had no friends or parents that cared. That all changed the day I found an old abused appy poa that I saved from his torture and in return what he gave me was a new lease on life and a mended heart that now thrives because I still enjoy the undemanding love he shows me. I now have unselfish love for horses and mankind. A lot of children and adults could do well with this knowledge that our beloved horse the appy can give to us all. Thank you, Teresa Watson Kuna,Idaho 208-922-5117

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