National Show Point Lookup

Many people are happy to have the option to look up national show points on the ApHC Web site. There has been a little confusion about how to interpret what you see when you look up a horse’s points. To clarify, when you enter a horse’s registration number, you’ll come up with a listing of points that have been earned by the horse in open, non-pro and youth classes. In all classes, what you’ll see are the lifetime points earned in each class, how many of those points have been earned in the current year and how many of those points count towards qualifying for the current year’s World Show (ie. how many were earned after September 1 of last year).

For purposes of calculating lifetime awards, points are accumulated over the lifetime of the horse and points “roll over” to new age groups depending upon the current age of the horse. For instance, when you look up your horse you might see that he’s earned 37 points in Aged Geldings. In reality, the “Aged” designation is based upon the current age of the horse (4 or older) but the points have been earned over his lifetime. So, he may have earned 17 of those points as a yearling, 10 as a two-year-old, 5 as a three-year-old and 5 as an aged horse to have a lifetime total of 37 points in halter geldings. The same holds true in performance horses where points roll over from junior to senior divisions and from two-year-old snaffle bit to three-year-old snaffle bit. But don’t be confused because snaffle bit points do not roll over into junior or senior points.

If you’d like a complete point history that shows the years in which points were earned and at which shows they were earned, you can order a print-out for $5 by calling the performance department at 208.882.5578 ext. 400 or by mailing in your request with payment to the ApHC office.

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