March 2007 ApHC Board Meeting

Directors came to Moscow, Idaho, with a number of important and interesting topics on the agenda. A complete summary of Board motions will soon be posted on the website. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at just some of the issues. Remember that several items will need a second vote at the July meeting before they are either approved or set aside.

Regional Clubs
New regional club charters approved include Southern Oregon Appaloosa Promoters (the acronym will look great on a sweatshirt), Louisiana Appaloosa Horse Club, and the Iowa Appaloosa Association (a group formed by merger last year).

Results of the ApHC Regional Club Exemplary Awards were announced. Details will be posted soon.

The Board will have a second vote in July on a motion that, at all ApHC approved shows, results of a class must be announced for before the next class starts and that, at minimum, the name of the exhibitor and entry number of the horse should be announced.

ApHC will be publishing information about the pros and cons of lining up under each judge versus recognizing the top 16 finalists at the National and World Shows. Board members want more feedback from exhibitors/members before taking a vote in July.

Approved addition of Non-Pro Timed Tie-Down Roping and Non-Pro Times Heading & Heeling as non-qualifying classes at the 2007 World Show (qualification will be required in subsequent years if ultimately approved for regional shows).

The Show Committee will be conducting a “top-to-bottom” review of the show category of ApHC. Items for discussion will include the number of judges permitted/required at events, the National Point System, and the World Show qualifying point requirements. A recommendation will be made in July with the intention of making changes for 2009.

Extended the single-show fee waiver for two more years (and incorporate this topic into discussions outlined above).

First reading and approval of a proposal to award ApHC Medallions to class winners of the European Championships.

The Board will take a second vote in July on an amendment to ApHC Drug Rules pertaining to conditionally permitted medications.

Approved the Appaloosa Youth International Exchange Program; approved a committee review of potential for a Miss Appaloosa Program;

First reading and approval of a change to ownership rules for Youth: with the exception of leadline, the youth or member of their immediate family must own any horse exhibited by a youth in a youth class. Horses under lease but not owned by any member of the family may not be shown in youth classes.

First approval for the International Registration Incentive Program; approved the Performance Permit Color Incentive Fund Payout Plan;

Separate the Leading Sires list into categories for halter horses and hunter-in-hand horses.

First reading and approval of a proposed Frozen Semen/Embryo Rights Retention Permit system that is intended to facilitate international marketing as well as clarify rules for domestic breeding programs.

Adopted a new set of guidelines for Trail Ride Classifications, for example a “Class A” ride would be those such as the Chief Joseph Trail Ride that are sponsored and managed by ApHC; a “Class B” ride would be managed/sponsored by a regional club, and approved by ApHC; a “Class C” ride would be almost any other trail ride not managed or approved by ApHC and would not count toward mileage awards.

Effective immediately, all participants on ApHC-sponsored rides must be ApHC members, as a condition of ApHC liability insurance coverage.


  1. Susan Thibodeaux Said,

    April 2, 2007 @ 6:00 pm

    RE The Board will have a second vote in July …. results of a class must be announced for before the next class starts and that, at minimum…..

    Good lord – the shows take long enough! Already we lose lots of exhibitors on Sunday afternoons who decide the shows are dragging and give up and go home. Lets not make the shows longer by forcing local clubs to announce all the placements – particularly for multi judge shows! I’m for announcing the Nationals and Worlds – those are BIG deals – and we have a schedule we’re following and we take vacation for those shows – but local shows do NOT need to be made longer! Vote against requiring all placements must be announced before the next class begins at local/regional shows!!!

  2. Lora Marshall Said,

    April 3, 2007 @ 3:19 pm

    I have to agree with Susan on this one. I understand everyone wants to hear their name called out and family members who come to the show to watch want to see their child called out of the line up, but this is very time consuming and shows run late enough as it is. Please do not make this a requirement. This rule will cost regional shows in lost entries as exhibitors get tired the second day and just want to get home.

  3. Sue Gameway Said,

    April 5, 2007 @ 8:41 am

    Even with a good announcer, it takes an additonal 3 to 5 minutes to announce the placings in a class. Add more time if ribbons are handed out. Our shows have 162 classes, with entries in most. That would add at least 6 hours to the show. At our last show, it ran from 8 am till 10:30 pm on Sat (approx 90 classes). We still had all the Sunday classes to do. Everyone wants there moment in the sun, and yes it may leave the audience a bit confused. How many regional clubs can afford the added time, exhibitors that may leave, or the judges overtime charges if this rule is imposed?

  4. Chief Joseph ride 2007 Said,

    April 16, 2007 @ 1:31 pm


    I want to treat myself and my best friend (Tober Appaloosas) to a stage, preferably the final one, of the Chief Joseph Ride. I live in France and she lives in England. We are both not much in excess of 60, and are lifetime appy people. All suggestions will be gratefully listened to, horse hire etc. Thank you so much for any replies you have time to forward

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