ApHC Monday Memo

Wednesday March 7th – Executive Committee conference call;
Friday March 9th – Planning & Review Committee Call 3 pm PST;
Tentative schedule and agenda for the BOD meeting should be posted on the website and emailed to the Board today.

We’ve had preliminary discussions with four major corporations about potential sponsorship deals, but no specifics to report as yet.

Kathleen Cox, Lexington, Kentucky – is the person we’ve engaged to help with sponsorship development (as well as to provide some public relations “consulting”). Her background is the same as her business name – Events and Marketing. She’s an experienced horse industry person and serves on the marketing committee for the U.S. Equestrian Federation. She’s worked with the Riata Ranch Girls, New York Racing Association, Equitana USA and Europe, etc.

Marketing Committee member Darron Locke has been very busy lining up sponsors for award money and prizes for timed events at the 2007 World Show. We’ll provide all the details once things have been finalized, but we can share that he’s so far raised over $10,500 in cash and $20,000 in prizes!

The ApHC has finalized the agreement with AAEP and will be distributing a press release about the partnership this week.

The HorseFlicks production of our 2006 National Championship Endurance Ride episode is nearly complete. The script for the Youth Show episode is being reviewed and production will proceed fairly soon.

From the Odessa, Texas, American: 10-year-old Ramesh Babu Ghanta of Odessa, Texas, won his regional qualifier for the National Spelling Bee by correctly spelling the word ‘appaloosa.’ Ramesh will be competing May 30 in Washington, DC against 274 other accomplished spellers.

From the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Press: Ice takes to stage like horse to water: Bright stage lights can melt even a steady soul like Ice, a 9-year-old appaloosa featured in the opening scene of “Oklahoma!” at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. Usually obedient and level-headed, the horse became stage struck on his third appearance and didn’t want to leave the stage. Now owner Grace Hoyer stands in the wings with a crop if he gets stubborn. “He loves all the attention,” Hoyer said. “He jumps in the trailer, he’s so excited to go.” Ice is one of four horses belonging to Bill and Grace Hoyer, of Coopersville. Their 16-year-old son, Will, is in the cast of “Oklahoma!” When director Penelope Notter was looking for a horse to come on stage for the opening number, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” Hoyer selected Ice, because he doesn’t spook easily. Ice has competed in dressage and English riding, but he prefers a good trail ride, Hoyer said. In the summertime, he particularly likes to run through water and loves to visit Lake Michigan.

Postal Regulators Recommend 2-Cent Stamp Hike
A postal regulatory commission recommended Feb. 26 a 2-cent increase in the cost of a first-class stamp, as well as other rate changes for Express Mail, bulk-mailed weekly magazines and household magazines, and postcards.

The recommendation to increase the cost of a stamp from 39 to 41 cents was one penny less than what the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) had requested. The commission’s recommendations now go back to the USPS Board of Governors to either accept or ask for reconsideration. If the governors accept the recommendations, the new rates could be in effect within 60 days.

A key proposal in the commission’s plan is to develop a “forever stamp,” which could be purchased for the first-class rate and would remain valid for mailing even if rates increase.


  1. James Kelley Said,

    March 9, 2007 @ 2:35 pm

    The ApHC has a partnership with the AAEP, the American Association of Equine Practitioners?? We should ask them their view of tail-blocking, a procedure that runs rampant in the Appaloosa horse show world, it’s as much a part of getting a horse into the ring, as is putting a bit in its mouth…..can we really be a partner with a group of people who have ruled it inhumane and illegal, and by law cannot preform the procedure??? What is our “partnership” with the AAEP exactly?

  2. Krystina Said,

    March 16, 2007 @ 9:34 am

    It is primarily a partnership involving access to information and the use of AAEP members for seminars and clinics at our National and World Shows. They will also be providing editorial material for the Appaloosa Journal and our website. As with many other relationships, it’s difficult to find complete agreement with every policy and practice. Interesting comment that I’ll forward to some other folks involved in the process. Thanks.

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