Horse & Rider Sweepstakes winner has Appaloosa connections

Writing to let you know that the grand prize winner in the Horse &
Rider 45th anniversary sweepstakes is a longtime Appaloosa owner,
Deborah Danforth of Castleton, Vermont. Her prize is a private clinic
with Stacy Westfall, a member of Team H&R, winner of The Road to the
Horse Colt-Starting Challenge, and the only person to win a freestyle
reining while riding without a saddle or bridle. Deborah’s daughter,
Lindsy, plans to ride their Appaloosa reining mare, Victoria Bright,
in the private clinic with Stacy. The family owns four Appaloosas,
total, and Deborah is a 4-H leader who also judges 4-H and open
shows. She’s had Appaloosas since 1973 and came up through the ApHC
youth program. She’s an administrative assistant in the teaching
department of Castleton State College’s Department of Business.
(From Juli Thorson)

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  1. Marsha Cloutier Said,

    February 25, 2007 @ 7:08 am

    Congratulations Deb and Lindsy on winning the Sweepstakes!

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