Promoting Appaloosas at equine events

The ApHC partners with many of our regional clubs to increase Appaloosa representation at horse fairs and trade shows. Upcoming events include: Equine Affaire in Pamona, California, February 1 – 4; San Antonio Livestock Expo February 2 – 18; Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, February 27 – March 18; Illinois Horse Fair March 2 – 4, Springfield, Illinois; Horse Fest March 9 – 11, Springfield, Missouri. Anyone can add an Appaloosa-related event to our online events calendar by going here:

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  1. Lenore Dickinson Said,

    January 24, 2007 @ 3:42 pm

    This is something we need to do, but ApHC needs to do more than just list events and/or put a brief blog on it. What needs to happen is a staff member at ApHC (or a volunteer who is willing to take this on), needs to recruit folks who are not only interested in doing it, but have the skills and ability to do so well.

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