New Notes

You may recall that we had a film crew at the 2006 National Championship Endurance Ride and the Youth World Show. Horseflicks is in the final stages of the Endurance Ride episode and we should have a review copy by the end of the month.

The independent movie, Trail’s End, starring Chippen Gold the Appaloosa and Barry Corbin the actor, is in post production and should be completed by the end of February. The ApHC is partnering with the filmmaker, Shannan Keenan, to help promote screenings to our members in the Kansas/Oklahoma area, and we hope to have a copy to show at the National Show.

The ApHC will be working with Lyons Press and author Cheryl Dudley to promote Cheryl’s book, The Legendary Appaloosa. The book has a narrative and is filled with gorgeous photos of Appaloosas. The ApHC will have a page in the back of the book. We’ll be selling copies through our website and at the National Show. The Appaloosa Museum is planning to market the book as well.

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